7 Steps for Redefining Your Talent Strategy

talent strategy - hand on chalkboard

What is a talent strategy? The most common definition is broad: it’s how you source, hire, onboard, engage, and retain talent. But to address the growing shift towards independent employment—and incorporate all the talent your organization needs to stay successful—you’ll need to embrace a new…


M&A: When Being in the Majority is Bad News

freelance m&a consultants - light bulbs

When you’re looking to grow, a merger or acquisition deal can be an attractive proposition. But the unfortunate truth is that most mergers and acquisitions fail—anywhere between 70% and 90%, according to McKinsey and the Harvard Business Review. The reasons behind the high failure rate…


Optimizing from the Inside Out: Independent Operations Consulting

freelance operations consultant - business charts

As organizations grow, new roles emerge, new processes evolve, and strategies become more complex. During this shift, it’s easy for gaps and inefficiencies to develop, and—especially when the business is growing—just as easy for them to be overlooked. This is where the outside perspective of…


What Technologies Will Drive the Future of Work?

future of work - hand on processor

By now, it’s clear that technology is a major driver for the growing gig economy, both as a tool and as a potential disruptor. At its most basic, technology has helped independent workers connect with prospective employers via online platforms. Increasingly, however, companies are tapping…


4 Myths About Freelance HR Consultants

freelance hr consultants - Temple Of Olympians

Disrupting long-stable industries can be invigorating, but for many of those industries’ incumbent organizations, it’s also a sudden wake-up call. Businesses that are bigger and better-established often struggle to pivot, because they’re not as nimble as the disruptors. Those who succeed do so because they’ve…


Reinventing Hiring: Jobs in the Gig Economy

gig economy jobs - business handshake

As individuals, it’s not hard to feel the effects of accelerating technological change. Companies—not to mention public policy—move more slowly. Most organizations already recognize the advantages that technological advancement offers: enhanced organizational agility, increased efficiency, and improved productivity. Yet the monumental challenge of overhauling outdated,…


A New Social Contract for Freelancers

social contract for freelancers - paper in trash can

Over the past decade, changing demographics and new economic realities have given rise to a dynamic, flexible workforce that prefers to work on a freelance basis instead of seeking full-time employment. On the surface, this would seem like a win-win for both parties: businesses get…


Is Freelance Going Mainstream? A Look at the IRS Data

irs freelance data

From part-time freelancers to full-time entrepreneurs, many folks have struck out on their own at some point in their lives. But now, according to a report by Fiverr, the independent path is becoming even more heavily traveled. Fiverr, an online freelance services marketplace, teamed up…


MBO’s State of Independence: Is Gig Work the New Normal?

mbo state of independence - man at desk

There’s no doubt that payroll jobs have rebounded in a big way since hitting bottom at the beginning of 2010. Historically, we might expect this sort of growth to cannibalize the independent jobs market, but a new report from MBO Partners found that this hasn’t…


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