Business Talent Group Launches BTG Europe

Hillgate BTG - Europe at night

Business Talent Group is launching BTG Europe with the acquisition of UK-based Hillgate, a talent marketplace that provides agile workforce solutions to multinational Fortune 500 companies. The move expands BTG’s international footprint, scale, and position as the leading global marketplace for on-demand, high-end independent talent….


Forget Shopping – Here’s Amazon’s Real Opportunity

Amazon work week: amazon warehouse

Finally, an innovative technology company figured out that work model innovation is as important as business model innovation. Amazon’s new 30-hour work week option for some of their technical teams is the biggest work news since we got the weekend off almost a century ago….


3 Tips for Getting Work Done: Better, Faster, Cheaper

getting work done: woman drawing

One of the ironies of our current employment cycle is that millions of people are looking for work at a time when millions of job vacancies go unfilled. According to ManpowerGroup’s most recent talent survey, a third of US employers report difficulties filling job vacancies…


What Do Millennials Want From Work?

What do millennials want and how businesses can attract them? Business Talent Group CEO Jody Miller joins Tanya Rivero on Lunch Break to discuss. Click here to watch the video.  


The Future of Work Is About More Than The Talent War

Today, a talent war is not enough, the most successful companies have to wage a “permanent campaign” to attract and retain talent. The future of work is here. This was one of my big takeaways from the Milken Global Conference panel I recently moderated on…


In The New Workplace, Everyone’s a Movie Star

new workplace: actress and paparazzi

Here in LA, where some of the best minds in business are converging on the Milken Institute Global Conference to share survival strategies for this era of creative disruption, it’s not surprising to think that some of the answers might come from our own back…


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