Winning in New Markets: Identifying the Right Opportunities

new market opportunities: group of colored pencils

If you have developed growth strategies, you’ve probably heard about—or even explored—opportunities to enter adjacent markets. But how can you be sure that you’re looking at the right new market opportunities? And how can you proactively identify promising market adjacencies, rather than simply adopting what…


Winning in New Markets [eBook]

market adjacency strategy: hiker with backpack at top of mountain looking out over water and landscape

Opportunities for growth are everywhere, but few are more tempting than moving to nearby markets: pursuing new customers, entering new geographies, or developing new products or channels. And with good reason—many companies have created a market adjacency strategy or strategies to deliver sustained growth. Of…


Why Most Market Adjacency Moves Fail

market adjacency strategy: hiker walking across a wooden bridge across ice on a mountain

Many companies pursue new growth by expanding into adjacent markets: by bringing current products to new buyers or geographies, or by developing new products that complement existing ones. And no surprise—research has revealed that most companies that enjoy sustained long-term, profitable growth have invested in…


The Missing Link Between Strategy And Execution

strategy deployment - the missing link: metal chain on a fence

If your company’s strategic plan is compelling and the team is working really hard—but you’re still not seeing the results you expect—you might be missing a key link between strategy and execution. You may have overlooked a critical step in your planning process: a disciplined…


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