Case Study: Product Redesign and Strategy

A two-person team – a former McKinsey MD/PhD and a payer/provider expert with experience at InVentivHealth – helped a F200 healthcare company reinvent a patient self-care platform to improve adherence and make its product stand out in the face of heightened competition.

Case Study: Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management Strategy

A former Booz and Accenture consultant and life-cycle management expert, with operating experience at Bristol-Myers Squibb and Becton Dickinson, helped a global pharma giant’s research team analyze patient trends and market demand to identify new bio markers for a mature drug.

Case Study: Biotech Product Roadmap Development

A former McKinsey consultant with medical device experience at Medtronic worked with a F500 biotech company, where he was tasked with synthesizing patient insights and competitive data to create and implement the product roadmap for a new injectable device.

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