Mentoring Remote Employees

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Mentoring Remote Employees

mentoring remote employees
June 26th, 2017 by Leah Hoffmann
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Both because of the work we do with independent consultants and the way our own company is set up—more than half of our executive team works fewer than 40 hours by choice, and many work from home—Business Talent Group has a lot of experience managing and mentoring remote employees.

Given the explosive growth of flexible working arrangements, it looks like we’re not the only ones who are interested in the topic. Fast Company recently asked Business Talent Group CEO, Jody Miller, along with several other thought leaders, for advice on making sure your remote workers feel as engaged and connected as your on-site ones.

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According to Jody, managing remote workers isn’t that much different than managing other employees—it’s all about relationship building. Of course, remote working does pose some unique challenges:

  • Setting expectations about spending, vacation time, and business trips
  • Spotting strengths and weaknesses
  • Creating effective systems for feedback and recognition

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Leah Hoffmann

Leah Hoffmann is BTG's Marketing & Content Strategist. A former journalist, Leah worked for and The Economist before joining BTG. She is passionate about clear thinking, sharp writing, and strong points of view.

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