The Rise of the Independent Economy is a Win for All

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The Rise of the Independent Economy is a Win for All

October 14th, 2016 by Michelle Madden
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The growth of the independent workforce is dramatic and permanent and having a profound impact not only on the workers, but on companies who are getting agile talent, at lower cost and deriving greater value.

Our CEO Jody Miller spoke with Bloomberg Radio about this shift.

Here are a few things Jody said:

“A fluid efficient marketplace is good for companies and those choosing to work independently.”
“In this new marketplace employers are looking for a skill we call “learning-agility’.”
“The rise of the independent economy, benefits everyone who has skill and talent.”


To listen to it all click here.



Michelle Madden

Michelle is Head of Marketing & Communications at BTG. She has worked with Huffington Post, AOL, and Cablevision, helping them build their brands. She is a former Bain consultant and partner at her own media strategy firm where she grew the company and sold it to CommerceOne. She then ran an ecommerce company (GreenYour). She is a passionate foodie and founder of the Webby Award-nominated food blog, The Sweet Beet. Michelle graduated with honors from Queen’s University in Canada, and holds an MBA from Harvard.

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