Top 3 Business Problems: Marketing

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Top 3 Business Problems: Marketing

top marketing problems
February 28th, 2017 by Leah Hoffmann
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What’s the best way to connect with your customers? It’s a question that comes up with clients across every industry BTG serves, many of whom struggle to maximize marketing spend in the face of a dizzying array of options.

Fortunately, the independent talent we work with is well-poised to help, combining marketing expertise with practical industry experience in everything from mutual funds to medical devices.

Here are 3 of the most interesting marketing projects we helped with this February.

Fostering Innovation in Marketing

innovation case study

Innovation is critical to all companies, but each one does it differently. With this in mind — and frustrated by her team’s progress on a plan to present hundreds of new ideas to the CMO — the VP of Marketing Innovation at a F500 food and beverage company reached out to BTG. Which innovation models were most successful at other large consumer companies, and which was the best fit with their culture and processes?

BTG put together a tight, two-person team to restructure the company’s innovation pipeline. Leading the work was one of the nation’s top innovation experts; supporting him was an analyst who gathered data on innovation models and success rates across the consumer goods industry. The project lead, meanwhile, interviewed stakeholders across the business to better understand and document current processes and identify points of friction.

After synthesizing their findings, the two consultants organized a series of workshops to help executives understand different innovation models and best practices across the industry, and how those options could integrate with the existing pipeline.

Creating a Direct-to-Consumer Playbook

direct-to-consumer strategy

The head of mutual funds at a Fortune 500 financial services company was developing a new Direct-to-Consumer business. However, without any digital marketing resources on his team, he was struggling to address key strategic questions. Would redesigning the website boost conversions? How could he attract new customers?

BTG deployed a digital growth strategist who’d worked at Bain and led marketing departments at several high-growth eCommerce retailers. He began his work by helping the team define and hone their value proposition. Then, he analyzed existing site traffic to better understand core customer behavior and assessed whether back-end infrastructure truly served customer needs. Finally, he developed a comprehensive playbook the team could use to redesign their website, improve online marketing capabilities, and deliver on growth goals.

Accelerating a Go-to-Market Strategy

pharma product launch

The head of global marketing at a Fortune 100 life science company faced gaps in his team’s capabilities after an enterprise-wide reorganization. As he prepared to re-launch a product within its core clinical market, it became clear that he couldn’t wait to make full-time hires to develop an effective go-to-market strategy.

BTG’s consultant was a former McKinsey engagement manager who was also a trained physician. His previous industry experience — as a Medical Director at top medical device manufacturer — gave him an especially practical perspective on brand strategy and value proposition development.

By the end of the compact, 4-week engagement, BTG’s consultant delivered a go-to market strategy that encompassed the clinical, diagnostic, and payer perspectives. He then led two in-depth workshops to facilitate its adoption by the team.

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Leah Hoffmann

Leah Hoffmann is BTG's Marketing & Content Strategist. A former journalist, Leah worked for and The Economist before joining BTG. She is passionate about clear thinking, sharp writing, and strong points of view.

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