Reviving a Legacy Brand in an Unexpected Market

A consumer goods company had proven that a legacy brand offered measurable health benefits. How could the company steer the brand through regulatory pathways to make these claims commercially? What additional studies would be needed, and what changes in manufacturing were necessary for compliance? Health claims were new to this consumer-focused management team. The executives needed the insights and guidance of professionals who had actually navigated the regulations before, and who understood both the written rules and the practical implications for process sequence, risk management, and budgeting.

Business Talent Group’s solution involved experienced consultants combined with a smart project plan and supported by expert interviews in a dozen countries. Each expert on the team had a specific domain focus. The strategy consultant who served as project lead was deeply familiar with global regulatory challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. Two specialized technical experts supported her analysis.

The team worked in parallel, supplementing their research with expert interviews to chart the most efficient regulatory, clinical, and manufacturing path to a successful product launch. The result: an actionable global roadmap for transforming a major brand—at a small fraction of what a traditional consulting firm would have charged.

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