Consolidating Fleet and Freight Vendors

The procurement group at a medical device manufacturer was implementing a major cost reduction initiative. The company’s Project Management Office (PMO) had fallen behind on one of the 10 different workstreams related to the initiative. Its executives also lacked critical experience with fleet and freight optimization, making it difficult for them to evaluate contracts and implement better vendor controls. Concerned about the group’s ability to meet the overall project deadline, the PMO Director turned to Business Talent Group.

We deployed a senior healthcare operations specialist who’d managed multiple operational analysis and cost reduction initiatives at firms like Navigant and Accenture. For three months, the consultant worked part-time to manage the vendor consolidation workstream, coordinate across stakeholders in finance, procurement, and business, and identify gaps and best practices in their fleet and freight vendor policies and process flows. Thanks to his seniority, our consultant was able to accelerate the work and get this important project back on track for less than $100,000.

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