A Talent Acquisition Strategist to Support Rapid Growth and Transformation

Down several people and in the midst of a business transformation, the talent acquisition team of an F200 appliance manufacturer was overtaxed and understaffed. Feeling underwater and needing to revamp their talent acquisition strategy, the heads of talent turned to Business Talent Group. BTG helped the team projectize their needs, with a nationally recognized talent acquisition expert to assist in carving out a set of recruiting activities and priorities to get through the end of the year. The consultant had founded and served as CEO of the country’s first and most successful recruitment consulting firm.

From there, the talent acquisition team brought on nine incremental positions: four executive recruiters (senior manager and manager levels), two project managers for critical hiring projects (senior manager level), and three recruiters for professional hiring in niche areas (e.g., electronics and software)—with additional recruiter positions to be considered down the line.

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