Exact-Fit Consulting for Variable R&D Strategy Needs

An F200 pharma company’s R&D Strategy Team was looking for ad hoc support across the first half of the year to handle surges in business development activities. Given the nature of requested work—high intensity, variable business development support, Business Talent Group (BTG) set up a unique engagement model with two highly experienced healthcare strategy and business development consultants, both with Big 3 firm experience.

The first talent was an MD skilled at R&D strategy, market opportunity assessment, competitive landscape analysis, business development, and investment diligence in the biotech, medtech, and pharmaceutical space. With a PhD in Chemistry, the second consultant brought a strong scientific background, pharmaceutical and oncology expertise, as well as experience in growth strategy, corporate development, operations, drug discovery, and early clinical development. With both consultants on hand, the client could access their expertise on demand for variable project work.

These consultants provided support on a number of strategic R&D and external innovation workstreams, including in research, developing perspectives and providing input, working with development committees and clinical trial design teams, as well as general storylining, problem solving, and structuring answers. The consultants’ expertise was perfect-fit, and the flexible model was so successful that the client extended the engagement.

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