Reassessing the Generics Strategy

The head of strategy at an animal health company was facilitating a global strategy refresh. She knew it would be critical to reassess the company’s strategic focus for generics, but the GM of the relevant business unit was too busy managing two global businesses to do the work. A few months before the deadline, with key decisions about the structure of the business pending, both executives realized they needed help—without the cost or complexity of a Big Three consulting firm.

Within days, Business Talent Group delivered an experienced life science strategist who had a PhD in Biological Chemistry, served as an Engagement Manager at McKinsey, and held executive positions at Monsanto and other pharma companies. By the end of the week, he’d started his analysis, with a global project kick-off in Thailand the following Tuesday. Four months later, the project was complete, and his work was ready to be integrated into the strategy team’s other assessments.

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