Optimizing Marketing Spend

The COO of a major broadcasting company faced an enviable problem. Suddenly, one of the company’s new programs was a hit, with an audience that represented a new and appealing demographic segment. How could he and the CMO quickly adjust marketing spend to capture and serve this segment for the long term?

Looking for advice on a segment that was relatively unknown to the company, the executives reached out to Business Talent Group for help. Initially, the client requested an experienced media executive who could give them the confidence they needed to move forward. As we discussed the situation with the CMO, however, it became clear that—though he had some terrific data—he also had unanswered questions about the segment that required more analysis.

Business Talent Group thus proposed a two-person hybrid team. The former President of Marketing at a top entertainment company had deep experience with the new demographic and could offer a quick injection of insights and connections. An expert management consultant, formerly part of McKinsey’s global media practice, could take on a structured analysis of the situation.

The team quickly created a workplan that maximized the interplay of their insights and skillsets. The executive worked mostly offsite, while the consultant worked onsite, in close coordination with the marketing organization. Thanks to an effective mix of analysis, insights, and connections, the team was able to create a compelling set of recommendations, which company execs quickly embraced and executed. A low-six-figure, two-month project resulted in rapid adjustments that captured a rare opportunity and still-growing ROI.

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