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Merchant Acceptance Strategy Support

The strategy group at a Fortune 500 payment processor was refreshing the company’s merchant acceptance strategy. Growing anxious about a looming end-of-year deadline, the VP of Strategy turned to Business Talent Group (BTG) to extend his group’s capacity and bring a fresh perspective to the work they’d already done.

BTG put together a tight, two-person team to support the initiative. The lead consultant had trained at Booz and held executive roles in the strategy groups at a number of leading payment companies. Supporting her was a business development expert who had worked at both fintech and traditional financial services institutions.

The consultants worked closely with the client’s group to evaluate the strategic landscape and manage the project’s many internal stakeholders. They also helped bring their work to life by collaborating on the presentation deck and storyline that the strategy group delivered to the executive team upon the project’s completion.

Industries: Financial Services
Project Types: Growth , Team
Functions: Strategy



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