Case Study: New Technology Product Launch

A tech executive and a former Bain consultant helped bring a new technology to the market, after a thorough evaluation of market needs.

Case Study: Due Diligence Process Thought Partner

A senior tech executive who oversaw 40+ acquisitions at Microsoft led a leading technology company through the identification process for a billion-dollar strategic acquisition.

Case Study: Product Pipeline Assessment

A global Life Sciences company needed needed a fresh look at the competitiveness of its US portfolio with respect to current products and the 5-year pipeline. Lacking the internal resources to complete the project—and hoping to avoid the heavy footprint of a traditional consulting firm—the CEO of the company’s US operations turned to BTG.

BTG’s 3-person team of experienced consultants and practitioners delivered a quick, actionable assessment of the medium-term competitiveness of the company’s portfolio. They then developed a series of strategic options the company could use over the next 5 years to strengthen its relative position. The team’s operating experience expedited the deliverable and added valuable
market context—at a total cost of less than one-third of what a big consulting firm would have charged.

Case Study: Strategic Initiative Implementation and Execution

BTG placed a 2-person team, a former McKinsey Engagement Manager and a former Deloitte Consultant with deep analytical skill, to work with a PE-backed media firm to implement the recommendations developed by a traditional consulting firm. The consultants worked for the Head of Sales & Operations and Head of Strategy to put into place a new framework for customer accounts.

Case Study: R&D Lifecycle Strategy

A former McKinsey consultant with 30 years experience in tech and pharma helped a global foundation accelerate the technology transfer of a major new infection-control drug from the R&D phase into the testing/implementation phase, across several high incidence countries.

Case Study: Product Redesign and Strategy

A two-person team – a former McKinsey MD/PhD and a payer/provider expert with experience at InVentivHealth – helped a F200 healthcare company reinvent a patient self-care platform to improve adherence and make its product stand out in the face of heightened competition.

Case Study: Managed Care Market Segmentation

A former Accenture consultant with operating experience in Target’s Healthcare Division was paired with a financial analyst. The team worked with a leading managed healthcare company to build a sophisticated model to capture market size and growth rates across all customer segments and products.

Case Study: Corporate Strategy and Capabilities Assessment

An ex-Bain and Bridgespan consultant helped the board of a global firm develop a new corporate strategy. She helped them shift their thinking in a very profound way to consider the true mission of the company. She also worked with them to reduce risk, both on the cost and revenue side.

Case Study: IT Risk Assessment

A former A.T. Kearney and Accenture consultant with deep industry experience at Cisco, HP, and Microsoft led a multinational banking and financial services company through a quarterly stress test process to assess the potential impact of a cyber-attack. The consultant gathered, aggregated, and synthesized the hypothetical impact across the entire business and provided recommendations to enhance the client’s risk management strategies.

Case Study: Specialized Operations Diagnostic and Strategy

BTG deployed a specialized oil industry strategy consultant with more than 20 years of experience from Accenture, PwC and LEK, to do strategy work for an oil-drilling component manufacturer. The company wanted to understand why they repeatedly underperformed in the state-owned petroleum producer segment. After the diagnostic phase, she then worked with the client across the globe with multiple state-owned petroleum companies to develop and help execute the strategy.

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