To Succeed in Tomorrow’s Workforce, Hone These Skills

skills of tomorrow workforce: looking through a telescope across the ocean
Posted by Leah Hoffmann in Future of Work, News on Oct 18th, 2016 20:08 CDT

To keep up with the fast-evolving workplace, you’ll need to know more than how to code. There are soft skills of tomorrow that will make it easier to capture new opportunities — and thrive amidst all the change.

CNBC interviewed Business Talent Group CEO Jody Miller for advice about:

  • How to forge your own career path
  • How to be comfortable when charting new waters
  • When to ask for help
  • How to collaborate with everyone on your team

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Leah Hoffmann

Leah Hoffmann

Leah Hoffmann is BTG's Marketing & Content Strategist. A former journalist, Leah worked for and The Economist before joining BTG. She is passionate about clear thinking, sharp writing, and strong points of view.

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