Technology & Software

Case Study: New Market Assessment

A two-person team, both former BCG consultants with deep executive experience at ADT and Time Warner, respectively, conducted a market entry assessment of two new product markets for a major telecommunications company. The consultants conducted interviews within their respective networks and presented their ultimate findings and recommendations to the Board.

Case Study: New Technology Product Launch

A tech executive and a former Bain consultant helped bring a new technology to the market, after a thorough evaluation of market needs.

Case Study: Due Diligence Process Thought Partner

A senior tech executive who oversaw 40+ acquisitions at Microsoft led a leading technology company through the identification process for a billion-dollar strategic acquisition.

Case Study: Digital Marketing Organization Redesign

A senior executive with 20+ years of creative experience at companies like ROLL Corporation and E! worked with a leading entertainment company to redesign their digital marketing organization, including initiating new ways to more directly communicate with the end user.

Case Study: Innovation Strategy

A $5 billion technology company was looking to develop its next billion-dollar business, but did not have the right internal resource to manage and lead the initiative. Could the company look at out-of-the-box ideas in a measured and cost-effective way? What resources would be needed to make those ideas a reality? Looking for guidance—and hoping to avoid the logistical burden of a traditional consulting firm—the SVP of Strategy turned to BTG.

BTG provided a serial entrepreneur and tech pioneer to lead an internal task force and uncover the best opportunities. As he began working, the consultant soon realized that there were no real innovation practices or processes in place to generate ideas or make them real. What began as a conceptual project thus quickly grew to include implementation.

Within three months, the consultant provided the company with an overview of the competitive landscape, developed an innovation framework through which to evaluate options, and supplied three strategic recommendations. After choosing to move forward with one of those recommendations, the client and consultant transitioned seamlessly into implementation.

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