Technology & Software

Case Study: New Market Assessment

A two-person team, both former BCG consultants with deep executive experience at ADT and Time Warner, respectively, conducted a market entry assessment of two new product markets for a major telecommunications company. The consultants conducted interviews within their respective networks and presented their ultimate findings and recommendations to the Board.

Case Study: New Technology Product Launch

A tech executive and a former Bain consultant helped bring a new technology to the market, after a thorough evaluation of market needs.

Case Study: Due Diligence Process Thought Partner

A senior tech executive who oversaw 40+ acquisitions at Microsoft led a leading technology company through the identification process for a billion-dollar strategic acquisition.

Case Study: Digital Marketing Organization Redesign

A senior executive with 20+ years of creative experience at companies like ROLL Corporation and E! worked with a leading entertainment company to redesign their digital marketing organization, including initiating new ways to more directly communicate with the end user.

Case Study: Innovation Strategy

A former E&Y/PRTM consultant and tech pioneer with VP/CTO experience at several major tech companies, including Yahoo, led an internal task force at a multi-billion dollar tech company to generate its next big business idea.

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