Our CEO Talks Tech With the LA Biz Journal

Posted by Michelle Madden in News on Sep 24th, 2016 02:20 CDT

The gig economy has predominantly been fueled by service oriented offerings, fulfilled by independent workers often on the lower end of the wage spectrum.

Enter BTG, who 10 years ago created a platform for high end professionals to do project based work for the Fortune 1000.

Our CEO, Jody Miller, recently spoke to the LA Business Journal about the platform we’ve created, the technology behind it and why we just raised 8 million dollars.

See the article.


Michelle Madden

Michelle is Head of Marketing & Communications at BTG. She has worked with Huffington Post, AOL, and Cablevision, helping them build their brands. She is a former Bain consultant and partner at her own media strategy firm where she grew the company and sold it to CommerceOne. She then ran an ecommerce company (GreenYour). She is a passionate foodie and founder of the Webby Award-nominated food blog, The Sweet Beet. Michelle graduated with honors from Queen’s University in Canada, and holds an MBA from Harvard.

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