New Research Shows Companies Tap Gig Economy Consultants to Fuel Growth and Innovation

Data from Business Talent Group shows how gig economy consultants are filling skill and knowledge gaps.

The Biggest Benefit of On-Demand Talent Is Growth, Not Cost Containment

BTG's EVP of Enterprise Innovation, Sandra Pinnavaia, explains what's really at stake when companies start to rely on freelance knowledge workers.

How to Cultivate Remote Workers

With tips like “use selective hearing” and “don’t panic,” Jody explains why managing remote employees is a lot like managing your parents.

Skill Hacking: The Workplace Innovation Pioneered by Big Companies, Not Start-Ups

Sandra Pinnavaia, BTG's EVP Enterprise Innovation, discusses how big companies have innovated in their use of the high-end gig economy over the past decade.

[Video] The Jobs of Tomorrow / The Future of Work

CEO Jody Miller speaks at The Atlantic’s Future of Work Summit on what companies and workers can do to get ahead in the new world of work.

Why August Should Count as Overtime

OZY article with comments from CEO Jody Miller discussing how flexible summer employment options could solve many problems.

[Video] The Gig Economy – Fireside Chat

CEO Jody Miller joins leaders from TaskRabbit and After College & Recruitology on the panel at OZY-Stanford Business Future of Work Summit.

LISTEN: Reimagining The Workplace With Business Talent Group’s Jody Miller

The Bottom Line podcast, Rick Wartzman talks to our CEO Jody Miller, and Marty Goldensohn reports on how portable benefits could help gig workers.

A Pioneering Voice For ‘Super Temps’ Scales Up

CEO Jody Miller on why more and more "Super Temps" choose an independent career path.

The Pop-Up Employer: Build a Team, Do the Job, Say Goodbye

Jody Miller explains how companies like BTG act as producers to help companies assemble high-powered temporary teams.

Millennials, You’re Stuck In the Gig Economy. Here’s How To Make The Most Of It.

Our CEO Jody Miller on why it's the best time for millennials and independents to find gig work.

Solving the Talent Crunch Could Be Easier Than You Think

The Talent Wars are fierce of late, but CEO Jody Miller explains why solving this Talent Crunch is easier than you might think.

How to Mentor a Remote Employee

CEO Jody Miller provides insight on how to mentor remote employees.

Curb Your Presenteeism

How can HR help curb presenteeism? Jody Miller explains how independents can help build out the bench of talent within an organization.

Top Talent, On Demand

CEO, Jody Miller, on the new way to think about getting work done and how to tap into a growing market for short-term, high-end professional work.

To Succeed At Work, Hone These Skills

To keep up with the fast-evolving workplace, you’ll need to know more than how to code.

Our CEO Talks Tech

Our CEO, Jody Miller, spoke to the LA Business Journal about the platform we’ve created and the technology behind it.

Why Passion Is Overrated

Jody Miller talks to the Philadelphia-based publication Metro, about why she does not like the term "passion"

Bloomberg Radio

BTG's CEO Jody Miller talks to Jody Miller about the dramatic rise of the independent worker

Talent Redefined: Top Level Independents in the C-Suite

For the last decade there has been a steady and rapid growth of the high-end independent worker. And it's gaining momentum - fast.

Mid-Market CEOs Have an Opportunity to Harness Growing Contingent Workforce

CEO Jody Miller discusses why Mid-Market companies should leverage independent consultants.

Meet Fortune’s 2015 Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs

CEO Jody Miller named one of Fortune's Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs

Inc Releases Its List of the Fastest Growing Companies

BTG is listed among the 5000 fastest growing companies in America

5 Strategies for Surviving a Career Pivot

5 strategies for career pivots; advice from our CEO.

Future of Work: How to Survive and Thrive Amid Creative Disruption

Jody Miller moderates panel on the Future of Work and Creative Disruption.

Job Advice For College Grads

It's not your parents job market anymore. How times have radically changed for millenials and what to do about it.

America’s Most Promising Companies

Forbes lists BTG as one of the most promising companies in America

Is This the End of the 9-5 Working Day?

CNN's Smart Money showcases BTG

Your Career Path is All on You–And That’s a Good Thing

BTG's CEO shares navigation tips for the new world of work

People Can Work in All New Ways

Jody Miller and BTG are featured for the Innovation by Design issue for re-designing work

Hot Trends, Sectors and Jobs: What You Need to Get Hired Next Year

Despite the nation’s unemployment rate remaining at elevated levels, there are some industries straining to hire qualified workers

5 Skills Workers Will Need To Be Successful In The Future

Jody Miller talks to Business Insider about how to thrive in the future

There’s an App for That

BTG is featured on the cover story on the future of work

Finding, and Owning, Their Voice

Jody Miller on how to Empower Women

The Rise of the Supertemp

Half of us will be working independently by 2020

The Real Women’s Issue is Time

Jody Miller explains the new way of working.

Thinking Beyond Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In

Jody Miller interview on how to manage in the new more flexible environment

Freelance Workers Are Our Future. So Why Are We Penalizing Them?

How we can fix antiquated laws and regulations to make independent work explode

The Permanent Temporary Workforce

BTG has harnessed the power of the permanent temporary workforce, and reshaping the way the world works.

A Pool With A View

A German magazine features BTG and reveals why this company is transforming the way companies think about consulting.

Harvard University President Drew Faust quotes Jody Miller

In a keynote celebrating 50 years of women MBAs, Drew Faust quotes Jody Miller's WSJ op-ed.

Let Us Live While We Are Young and Put Our Ambitions on Ice

Why we need to synch our career path with our life plan

Hiring? Never Oversell the Job

Jody Miller is featured in Corner Office

Advice: How to Talk To Your Boss About Work-Life Balance

BTG co-founder and CEO Jody Miller on balancing the relationship between career and life on ABC’s Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.

How I Made It: Jody Greenstone Miller

Business Talent Group CEO places experts in short-term jobs

Banking Life Is Not About 90-Hour Weeks

Business Talent Group Founder and CEO Jody Miller discusses banking, balance, and start-ups on Bloomberg Television’s ‘Bloomberg Surveillance.

Remember Most Women Work Outside of Home

Jody Miller and Charles Schwab Senior Vice President Liz Ann Sonders discuss stay at home mothers on Bloomberg Television’s ‘Bloomberg Surveillance

Want more women leaders? ‘Leaning in’ won’t cut it

Business Talent Group Founder and CEO Jody Miller discusses ways to increase gender equality at work

The Benefits of Hiring the Long-Term Unemployed

Business Talent Group CEO Jody Miller on why she hires the unemployed

Why I Hire the Unemployed

Jody Miller on rethinking hiring

Goldman Sachs Decides Restructuring Work Is Possible, After All

Jody Greenstone Miller on Employee Retention

Telecommuting: Steady Growth in Work-at-Home Culture, Yahoo or Not

Telecommuting is a rapidly growing work-life style

Remarks by President Faust: W50 Summit

Harvard University President Drew Faust quotes Jody Miller in a keynote celebrating 50 years of women MBAs

Is the Advice for Women in Sheryl Sandburg’s ‘Lean In’ Elitist or Universal?

Jody Greenstone Miller on the debate over how women should approach their careers

Human Capital: Leveraging Your Company’s Greatest Asset

The real fuel and energy behind a company’s growth and success comes from its people

Making a Living, One Project at a Time

Interview with Jody Miller

Job Seekers Find Opportunities as Supertemps

Temp work is no longer just for lower wage earners.

How to Become a $600K Per Year ‘Supertemp’

New Labor Market Reality: Gigging is the New Full-Time Job

Time to Jump Off the Career Ladder, Become a ‘Supertemp?’

How to Become an Exec-For-Rent

Quarter of Workforce Could Become Temps as Contract Work Grows

Talent on Tap

Hiring temps has reached the executive suite.

Temporary Workers and the 21st Century Economy

The surge in temp hiring is not a sign of a malfunctioning economy. It is the face of the future. by Jody Greenstone Miller

Test-Drives in the C-Suite

Companies are turning to tryouts to avoid hiring the wrong executive, by Michelle Conlin.

Find the Top-Level Executives You Need on an As-Needed Basis

Lynda Resnick’s interview with BTG CEO, Jody Miller for Ruby Tuesday: Pick of the week.

Hiring Temporary Talent

BTG mention and case study about Jack Longinotti placement at IReit as interim CFO.

Basic Steps Toward Work-Life Balance

Be a Manager and a Temp?

A new industry has emerged allowing senior executives to work on projects as an independent worker.

Not a Good Time for a Hiring Freeze

Segment by Amelia Tyagi, co-founder of Business Talent Group.

How to Save Capitalism

Cover story featuring essays from a number of authors, including Amelia Warren Tyagi, co-founder of Business Talent Group.

Employers Tap Executives for Temporary Jobs

Article by Sarah E. Needleman featuring Business Talent Group.

Executive Search Service Turns Up Timely Hires

Business Talent Group profiled in an article by Mitch Deacon

The Corporate Matchmaker

Business + Technology cover story by Marcie Fried Weibgen.

A Stable of Execs-to-Go

Business Talent Group featured in an article by Michelle Conlin.

On Becoming Fearless

Arianna Huffington features Business Talent Group’s CEO Jody Miller in her book,“On Becoming Love,Work and Life”.

Get a Life!

Cover story co-authored by Jody Miller calling for a new relationship between companies and senior business talent.

Singled Out

Story co-authored by founder Jody Miller calling for new health insurance options for independent professionals.
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