Project Referral Bonus Program

The BTG Project Referral Bonus Program

Earn 15% net revenue on projects you refer to BTG!


At a glance


When you refer a project to BTG that you are unable to serve for whatever reason (bandwidth, expertise, interest, etc.), and BTG wins the engagement as a result of the referral, you will receive 15% of our net revenue for the project (subject to the terms of the Referral Agreement).

Project Referrals come from 2 avenues:

1. You find yourself in a situation in which your non BTG client calls you with a project opportunity that you’re unable to serve, because of bandwidth, interest or skillset, or

2. You identify a new project while on a current BTG engagement with a new internal client (i.e. clients / engagements that BTG would not otherwise have sourced)


How it works


1. Email the BTG Talent Team or reach out to the BTG Client Service Principal / Client Development Director you have previously been in contact with

2. Speak with us about the opportunity and connect us with the client. (We understand that these are treasured relationships—your contact will have an excellent experience)

3. Sign the Referral Agreement contract

4. Receive a referral bonus (if the project closes)




If we are able to close a project based on your introduction, you will receive 15% of our net revenue on the project, paid quarterly. We paid consultants nearly $100,000 in β€˜15 for project referrals, and hope to continue adding support to our consultants in this way throughout β€˜16.

Please note, we do not currently provide compensation for talent referrals. However, we do greatly appreciate these introductions and are always looking to expand our network and to offer our services to a broader range of independent professionals.

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