Strategic planning study


Solve big problems… without big overhead

The situation:

The head of strategy at a multinational packaged goods company was looking to refresh the organization’s biennial strategic plan.

The cost of a traditional consulting firm was beyond her budget. A permanent hire didn’t make sense, either, given the variability of her team’s workload.

Where could she turn for smart analysis and an informed outside perspective?

The solution:

BTG delivered 2 senior consultants to work alongside the client’s strategy team for a compact, 2-month engagement. Each consultant had significant expertise in marketing and growth strategy in CPG. Each was also experienced enough to take on broad pieces of work without much oversight.

Both consultants worked full-time with the client to quickly review past frameworks, assess current priorities, and shape the approach to both the domestic and global markets.

The result: the client was able to quickly and effectively update the corporate strategic plan at a cost of almost one-third of what a traditional consulting firm would have charged.

* * *

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