Why Take a Programmatic Approach to Project Management?

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It’s challenging to resource major business transformations. Redeploying internal resources threatens daily operations, while adding full-time hires is time-consuming and inefficient for temporary initiatives. It can be even more challenging to keep everything on track, especially when you don’t have a full suite of project…


Take Control of Your Next Business Transformation

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It can be hard for big companies to break free of established habits—but it doesn’t have to be. History may be filled with examples of organizations that failed to appreciate the need for change until it was too late. But at many companies, change leaders…


Why Do So Many Corporate Projects Fail?

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If you’re among the whopping 2.5 percent of companies that successfully complete every project they start, congratulations! If you’re not, then you’ve probably wondered, at one time or another, where things are going wrong. Though it’s little comfort, that stat—from a PricewaterhouseCoopers study—shows you’re not…


Preparing for a Successful Business Transformation

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These days—thanks to the pace of technological and market-driven disruptions—transformation has become the norm, not the exception. Disruptions create stress on an organization’s capacity to adapt and thrive. They also leave it susceptible to competitors for whom agility is a core competency. If you are…


Behind the Buzzword: Transformation

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In an era rife with disruption, the definition of transformation is, well, changing. Not sure your company can keep up? Read the latest piece in our Behind the Buzzword series to learn more about what’s in store for the future of change. What is business…


4 Tips for Leading a Business Transformation

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Transforming your business is like going on a journey… one that’s long and potentially perilous. If you’ve been tasked with leading a business transformation, you’re like the First Mate of an ocean liner. You’ve got to steer the ship and keep thousands of passengers —…


Transforming Your Business? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

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A client recently asked me a question that seemed simple: what risks do you expect to see when rolling out corporate transformation programs across a large, matrixed organization like ours? I’ve led complex change programs across multiple industries—including pharma, insurance and data analytics—and I’ve learned,…


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