Top 3 Business Problems – Interim Executives

interim executives - blank nameplate

It takes a long time to hire an executive—between 4 to 8 months at the CEO or Executive Director level. What’s more, there are real costs to hiring the wrong candidate. No wonder 84% of CEOs cite talent acquisition as their company’s top HR challenge!…


Top 3 Business Problems – Consumer Goods

cpg consultant

Business Talent Group’s on-demand consumer goods consultants combine deep industry experience with expertise in domains like pricing, sales ops, and customer insights. CPG consultants can help consumer goods companies assess new markets and opportunities, fill critical knowledge gaps, and plan and execute large-scale business transformations….


Top 3 Business Problems – Technology

technology consultants

From acquisitions to project management, agility is everything in tech. Yet, too often, a company’s ability to innovate is constrained by drawn-out hiring processes, competition for top talent, and rapidly evolving markets. Enter on-demand technology consultants. Business Talent Group’s on-demand technology consultants combine deep industry…


Top 3 Business Problems – Financial Services

financial services consultants: hand signing contract

The financial services sector is undergoing rapid transformation. Yet only about 7% of financial-services CEOs in the U.S. and Europe say their firms are very prepared to make the innovations they need to fend off fintech startups and capitalize on digital opportunities. Enter on-demand financial…


Top 3 Business Problems – Digital Health and Marketing

digital health and marketing

Digital disruption has opened up a lot of opportunities in life sciences, from direct sales to data analysis. But what’s the best way to capture them? Business Talent Group’s on-demand digital experts combine cutting-edge skills with expertise in specific therapeutic areas and geographies to bring…


Top 3 Business Problems – Market Access

market access consultants

Having robust, nimble market access strategies is increasingly important in life sciences. It’s also increasingly challenging, with fast-changing markets, increased patient engagement, and global pricing pressures. Fortunately, Business Talent Group enables life science companies to access on-demand market access consultants to help with these challenges….


Top 3 Business Problems – Post-Merger Integration

post-merger integration

Post-merger integration is risky even for the well-prepared. Today’s deals are more complex than ever, and their value is always threatened by turnover, missed targets, and misaligned priorities. So how can you be sure you’re not leaving money on the table—or, worse, undermining the hard…


Top 3 Business Problems – Early-Stage M&A

early stage m&a

Business Talent Group’s independent consultants can help at all stages of the M&A lifecycle, but one place where they excel is at the start of a deal—or before, as executives seek to validate growth strategies, analyze market dynamics, and understand the high-level value of an…


Top 3 Business Problems: Marketing

marketing case studies

What’s the best way to connect with your customers? It’s a question that comes up with clients across every industry BTG serves, many of whom struggle to maximize marketing spend in the face of a dizzying array of options. Fortunately, the independent talent we work…


Top 3 Business Problems – January

market landscape assessments: person holding a seedling in the palms of their hand

January is a great time to start a new venture — to launch a new product, for instance, or enter a new market or geography. Several Business Talent Group clients got in touch this month for help with the first step: assessing the opportunity. Our…


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