Why is Innovation So Hard At Big Companies?

lean startup innovation

If you’re responsible for launching new products, you’ve probably come across Eric Ries’s best-selling book, The Lean Startup. The Lean Startup methodology—which was created to help founders in Silicon Valley build better products—is incredibly useful for new companies and entrepreneurs who are trying to create…


How to Build a Scalable Data Science Strategy

data science strategy: person touching a computer screen showing interconnected lines

It’s been several years since the term “big data” crossed over into the mainstream business world—and executives realized they could make smarter decisions by harnessing the reams of information generated across the enterprise. Early efforts at data analysis have borne fruit, yet the prospect of…


Winning in New Markets [eBook]

market adjacency strategy: hiker with backpack at top of mountain looking out over water and landscape

Opportunities for growth are everywhere, but few are more tempting than moving to nearby markets: pursuing new customers, entering new geographies, or developing new products or channels. And with good reason—many companies have created a market adjacency strategy or strategies to deliver sustained growth. Of…


4 Tips for a Successful Merger Integration

merger integration: rope in a knot

Statistically speaking, most merger integrations fail—between 70% and 90%, according to McKinsey and Harvard Business Review. What’s worse, those numbers are consistent in study after study… and they haven’t budged in years. So what can companies do to reduce risk and increase their odds of…


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