2017: The Year The Gig Economy Took Center Stage

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At Business Talent Group, we’ve long been bullish about the high-end gig economy. In particular, we’re excited by its massive potential for keeping companies more nimble and competitive—and for giving knowledge workers more control over when and how they exercise their talents. In 2017, it…


What Can The Gig Economy Do For Your Company?

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The gig economy has created a lot of opportunities—and not just for ridesharing platforms. It’s also changed the way highly educated white-collar professionals make their living. Lured by the prospect of working with, and not for, companies like Pfizer, Google, and Virgin America, they have…


The Gig Economy is Your Ticket for Sourcing Top Talent

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The rise of independent talent is dramatic, and isn’t going anywhere soon. This year the freelance economy grew to 55 million Americans – accounting for 35% of the nation’s workforce1. We’re not just talking about people in the services industry, this includes a growing population…


The Rise of the Independent Economy is a Win for All

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The growth of the independent economy is dramatic and permanent and having a profound impact not only on the workers, but on companies who are getting agile talent, at lower cost and deriving greater value. Our CEO Jody Miller spoke with Bloomberg Radio about this…


Wrong! 5 Myths of the Freelance Marketplace Debunked

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The rise of the independent worker is unprecedented and having a massive impact on the way we work and the way companies get work done.  Companies that may have historically only hired freelancers for more junior assignments, are now getting freelance help in the C-suite…


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