Consulting Disruption: Advice for the Advice Givers

consulting disruption - broken lightbulb

You know the names: McKinsey, Bain, BCG. For decades, these three firms have dominated the management consulting space. And for good reason: their ranks include some of the most experienced and successful business strategists out there. So do their alumni. According to Kennedy Research, the…


Will Robots Take YOUR Job?

will robots take my job

By now, it’s long been clear that the future of work will include an assist from our robot friends. More ominously, according to a new report released by the World Economic Forum (WEF), 1.4 million US jobs will be disrupted by technology and other factors…


Behind the Buzzword: Human Cloud

what is the human cloud: wooden suspension bridge in the clouds

These days, it seems like everything is moving to the cloud—even people, if the hottest trend in HR and labor services procurement is any indication. So what’s the deal with the so-called human cloud? Find out everything you need to know about the hottest topic…


Business Talent Group Included in Talent Tech Labs’ Ecosystem

Talent Tech Labs Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem

Over the past few years, it’s become clear that traditional workforce models—expensive consulting firms and full-time hires on the one hand, and less skilled contingent workers on the other—aren’t enough to help big companies be as agile as they need to. Fortunately, an ecosystem of…


Why On-Demand Talent Is About Growth, Not Cost Containment

on-demand talent: hands protecting a seedling

By now, most procurement leaders have heard about the high-end gig economy—and how freelance knowledge workers can help them steer complex, strategic initiatives on a project basis. The companies that have grown up to serve this new ecosystem, Business Talent Group included, often point to…


The Rise of Freelance Talent is Reshaping Modern Companies

freelance corporation: person drawing on a chalkboard

We are in the midst of one of the biggest workforce transformations since the industrial revolution: the rise of the independent contractor. Freelance work is by no means a new thing, but the landscape has grown beyond photographers and writers to include marketing executives and…


BTG At The Atlantic’s Future of Work Summit

Atlantic Future Of Work

Work is changing, and both companies and workers are struggling to keep up. At the high end, the gig economy has changed how companies connect and engage with elite knowledge workers. Other workers feel that the economy has left them behind, or wrestle with antiquated…


The End of Loyalty: A Q&A With Author Rick Wartzman

Rick Wartzman: End of Loyalty

Not too long ago, most American workers could expect to have a good, stable job, with benefits, throughout their careers. In his new book, The End of Loyalty, author Rick Wartzman takes a closer look at that golden age and explores what’s happened since that…


Behind the Buzzword: The Gig Economy

gig economy workers and social contract: businessman shaking another businessman's hand in a crowded foyer

The gig economy has disrupted everything from food delivery to vacation rentals. It’s also poised to change the way big companies get work done. Where’s this headed? Read the latest piece in our Behind the Buzzword series to learn more about what’s in store. What…


BTG’s Inc. 5000 Three-Peat

Business talent group inc 5000 logo

For the third consecutive year, Business Talent Group (BTG) has been named to Inc. Magazine’s prestigious list of the 5000 fastest growing private companies. The market for high-end independent talent has enjoyed explosive growth, and BTG was an early leader in connecting major global companies,…


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