[PODCAST] The Gig Economy Grows Up

Jody Greenstone Miller podcast

In the Workplace is a podcast where Wharton professor Peter Cappelli and attorney Dan O’Meara take a look at workforce trends and the challenges that today’s business owners and job seekers face. The two sat down recently with Business Talent Group CEO Jody Greenstone Miller…


Is Your Company Ready to Build an Agile Workforce?

build an agile workforce - hand on tower of blocks

If you’re interested in using the high-end gig economy to drive organizational agility, you’re not alone: according to Upwork, 72% of HR managers believe dynamic, agile team structures will soon become the norm. And if you suspect that your company isn’t yet making the most…


[PODCAST] Setting the Stage for the Gig Economy

Business Talent Group CEO Jody Greenstone Miller recently sat down with Ready. Set. Work. podcast host Chad Nitschke to discuss the evolution of the gig economy. In the first part of the two-part series, Jody reflects on the origins of the on-demand talent space and…


[PODCAST] Continued Demand for High-End Gig Economy

high-end gig economy

According to an ATD survey, 83% of companies report skills gaps that threaten their organization’s ability to prepare for the future. So it’s no surprise that more and more of them are trying to make better use of the high-end gig economy—especially given the segment’s…


What is the Gig Economy? A Look Back At 2018

microphone - what is the gig economy

If 2017 was the year when the gig economy took center stage, 2018 was the year when many organizations took a closer look—and found there’s more work to be done to understand this dynamic segment. In June, for the first time in 13 years, the…


What Technologies Will Drive the Future of Work?

future of work - hand on processor

By now, it’s clear that technology is a major driver for the growing gig economy, both as a tool and as a potential disruptor. At its most basic, technology has helped independent workers connect with prospective employers via online platforms. Increasingly, however, companies are tapping…


Supertemps: Why It Pays to Get Smart About Nontraditional Talent

supertemps - stacked coins

When big companies want to move quickly, they need to re-examine internal practices, not just look at the market. It’s an argument we’ve been making for years—one we’re pleased to see gaining traction as corporate leaders look for new ways to power organizational agility. According…


Independents in the Expert Economy

expert economy - scientific formulas

When most people think of the “gig economy,” the gigs that immediately come to mind are often the ones we associate with our everyday lives—the ones that are within a few taps’ reach. Need groceries? Tap, tap, tap. Need a ride? Tap, tap, tap. Need…


Reinventing Hiring: Jobs in the Gig Economy

gig economy jobs - business handshake

As individuals, it’s not hard to feel the effects of accelerating technological change. Companies—not to mention public policy—move more slowly. Most organizations already recognize the advantages that technological advancement offers: enhanced organizational agility, increased efficiency, and improved productivity. Yet the monumental challenge of overhauling outdated,…


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