When Should You Bring in a Freelance Strategy Consultant?

freelance strategy consultant people writing on whiteboard

Growth can come from many directions. Should you move your current products into an adjacent market or build the next big thing? Should you focus on growing margins or on optimizing your product portfolio? What’s the best way to streamline your strategic priorities? And how…


Winning in New Markets: Identifying the Right Opportunities

new market opportunities: group of colored pencils

If you have developed growth strategies, you’ve probably heard about—or even explored—opportunities to enter adjacent markets. But how can you be sure that you’re looking at the right new market opportunities? And how can you proactively identify promising market adjacencies, rather than simply adopting what…


How to Select and Use the Right Metrics in Early-Stage M&A

early-stage M&A metrics: woman with pen filling out a form looking at her phone

In the data-intensive field of early-stage M&A work, it can be daunting to decide which metrics to focus on. It’s also crucial to your ability to assess opportunities and create plans that truly capture them. So which M&A deal evaluation metrics will give you the…


Top 3 Business Problems – February

Top 3 Business Problems: business man writing with a pen

At BTG, we help clients address all sorts of business problems. Here are 3 of the most interesting challenges we saw this February…   Entering a new market   A F500 entertainment giant had found early success in the competitive online gaming space. Could they…


Trying to Scale your Business? Read This First.

Scale your Business: bryce canyon national park

Forget about better scheduling. Forget about cloning yourself. What high-growth company execs need isn’t more of themselves… it’s less. If you have a minute—and I know time is precious—I’ll tell you what I mean. A typical startup is scrappy. The founders work crazy hours and…


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