M&A: When Being in the Majority is Bad News

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When you’re looking to grow, a merger or acquisition deal can be an attractive proposition. But the unfortunate truth is that most mergers and acquisitions fail—anywhere between 70% and 90%, according to McKinsey and the Harvard Business Review. The reasons behind the high failure rate…


Top 3 Business Problems – Market Access

market access consultants

Having robust, nimble market access strategies is increasingly important in life sciences. It’s also increasingly challenging, with fast-changing markets, increased patient engagement, and global pricing pressures. Fortunately, Business Talent Group enables life science companies to access on-demand market access consultants to help with these challenges….


4 Tips for a Successful Merger Integration

merger integration: rope in a knot

Statistically speaking, most merger integrations fail—between 70% and 90%, according to McKinsey and Harvard Business Review. What’s worse, those numbers are consistent in study after study… and they haven’t budged in years. So what can companies do to reduce risk and increase their odds of…


Top 3 Business Problems – Post-Merger Integration

post-merger integration

Post-merger integration is risky even for the well-prepared. Today’s deals are more complex than ever, and their value is always threatened by turnover, missed targets, and misaligned priorities. So how can you be sure you’re not leaving money on the table—or, worse, undermining the hard…


Top 3 Business Problems – Early-Stage M&A

early stage m&a

Business Talent Group’s independent consultants can help at all stages of the M&A lifecycle, but one place where they excel is at the start of a deal—or before, as executives seek to validate growth strategies, analyze market dynamics, and understand the high-level value of an…


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