How to Be More Persuasive

How to be more persuasive: child screaming through a megaphone

Just because you don’t work in sales doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to sell. We might sell our work to prospective clients in order to get business, or sell ideas to managers and colleagues for approval. Successful business leaders need to be able to…


4 Tips for Leading a Successful Business Transformation

leading a business transformation: origami paper boats in red, blue, and green

Transforming your business is like going on a journey… one that’s long and potentially perilous. If you’ve been tasked with leading this voyage, you’re like the First Mate of an ocean liner. You’ve got to steer the ship and keep thousands of passengers — employees,…


“Be the Leader You Wished YOU Had”

EY Strategic Growth Forum is the country’s most prestigious gathering of high-growth, market-leading companies. The focus is on how human ingenuity transforms opportunity into growth. Jody Miller, our CEO, was there (she was named one of EYs “Winning Women”), and here are just a few…


Don’t Mess With Texas!

…or the women at the Texas Conference for Women, for that matter…..On Nov 15th, the biggest conference for women in Texas (7200 guests) was held in Austin, and included:  Amal Clooney, Diane VonFurstenberg, Abby Wambach and our CEO Jody Miller. Jody hosted a panel on,…


Why Passion Is Overrated

Our CEO Jody Miller is passionate about the company she founded (BTG) and passionate about the industry that she helped create – the high-end independent freelance marketplace, but she does not like the word “passion” when speaking about how to identify the right career. Jody…


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