Re-Imagining Healthcare: A Q&A With Sundeep Karnik

healthcare transformation - Sundeep Karnik headshot

Independent consultant Sundeep Karnik is a medical doctor who built his career delivering results in the business of healthcare. In our latest expert Q&A, he talks about the trends that are shaking the health and life science industries—and what companies can do to thrive in…


[eBook] Digital Transformation in Life Science

digital transformation in life science

The opportunity for digital transformation in life science has been apparent for some time. Industry watchers analyze the ways that artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data will transform how companies develop products and boost patient engagement. Industry giants make bold proclamations about using digital…


Patient Engagement Strategies That Work for Life Science

patient engagement

If you work in Life Science, you’re probably familiar with the sobering statistics on nonadherence: between 20% and 30% of medication prescriptions are never filled, and roughly 50% of chronic disease medications aren’t taken as prescribed. The problem is complicated and costly. But by developing…


Behind the Buzzword: Digital Health

what is digital health

Like many fast-moving, tech powered domains, digital health has gone by a number of different names throughout the years: eHealth, mobile health, health 2.0, and connected health, to name a few. Proponents promise nothing less than a revolution. Digital health, they say, can deliver more…


New eBook – How Life Science Can Win With Digital Health

digital health and life science

Digital health and life science seem like a match made in heaven, promising not just to increase patient adherence but boost engagement, improve outcomes, and add billions of dollars in incremental revenue over the next few years. Yet to succeed in beyond the pill, life…


Meet Your Next Life Science Consultant

life science consultant

It can be hard to find the right talent to manage critical initiatives—especially when trying to find a life science consultant. In the life science industry, 70% of CEOs say they are concerned about the availability of skills.1  Fortunately, Business Talent Group’s curated network of high-end…


Top 3 Business Problems – December

life sciences business problems: two people sitting at a table with a briefcase, phone, tablet, writing in a notebook

25 of the top 30 Life Sciences companies work with Business Talent Group on high-impact projects. These projects range from R&D to commercialization and performance improvement–and have made Life Sciences our largest and best-developed specialty. Today’s Life Sciences companies face soaring R&D costs and ever-changing…


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