Marketing to Millennials? Three Things You Need To Get Right.

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If you’re marketing to millennials (and trying to reach today’s most lucrative customer segment) you probably already know you need to bring it with your digital media, leveraging social channels for branding and performance marketing in order to address the complete consumer journey. To be…


Top 3 Business Problems: Marketing

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What’s the best way to connect with your customers? It’s a question that comes up with clients across every industry BTG serves, many of whom struggle to maximize marketing spend in the face of a dizzying array of options. Fortunately, the independent talent we work…


Thanks To Tech, Marketing Budgets Are On The Rise

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New research released by Gartner shows marketing budgets are on the rise for a third consecutive year. According to the 2016-2017 “CMO Spend Survey,” marketing budgets increased to 12% of company revenue this year, and CMO marketing technology spend is on track to exceed CIO…


10 Things You Must Do Before Sending a Marketing Email

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In the fast and furious world of email marketing, it’s surprisingly easy to overlook an important element or error in your message, creating embarrassment and lost revenue opportunities for your business. Forgetting to include the date of an event, missing a call to action, or…


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