How to Be More Persuasive

How to be more persuasive: child screaming through a megaphone

Just because you don’t work in sales doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to sell. We might sell our work to prospective clients in order to get business, or sell ideas to managers and colleagues for approval. Successful business leaders need to be able to…


Top 3 Business Problems – April

business challenges: business woman writing on a white board a process flow

At BTG, we help clients address all sorts of business problems. Here are 3 of the most interesting challenges we saw this April…   Voice of the customer   A global financial services company was transforming the way it made decisions about product development and…


Losing winnable deals? Strike at the heart, not the head.

How to Close a Deal: Losing winnable deals: business man running across a finish line

Are you struggling to create a compelling business case for your products or services? Trying to sell stakeholders on a new internal initiative? Do you struggle with how to close a deal? In addition to communicating a clear, compelling value proposition, don’t forget about the…


6 Ways Sales Is Like the Texas Two-Step

Sales - Business Talent Group: two-step dancing in cowboy boots

Sales is a dance. And like dance it requires coordination and communication between partners. If done well it is effortless and graceful. If done poorly, you step on toes and avoid future contact with your partner. BTG has strong roots in Texas, so let’s talk…


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