Strategic Planning Best Practices: A Practical Guide

strategic planning best practices

Hundreds of management books have been written about great strategy. Far less attention has been paid to the task of running a great strategic planning process, and hardly anything could be considered a “how-to” guide for practitioners. In this article, I’ll leverage my work helping…


6 Ways to Develop Effective Performance Metrics

concept of metrics - measuring tape

Measuring performance is an essential part of management, but there are some right ways and wrong ways to think about metrics. When done right, metrics are essential inputs to decision-making, driving new insight, and shaping decisions. Done wrong, metrics can become a waste of energy—and…


Line it Up: Why You Need to Align Culture and Strategy

culture and strategy - lining up blocks

Not long ago, the EVP of a multinational client called us in to say that his company had recently been through an expensive strategic planning exercise with a major consulting firm. The firm left them with a detailed implementation roadmap. And though the company had…


When Should You Bring in a Freelance Strategy Consultant?

freelance strategy consultant people writing on whiteboard

Growth can come from many directions. Should you move your current products into an adjacent market or build the next big thing? Should you focus on growing margins or on optimizing your product portfolio? What’s the best way to streamline your strategic priorities? And how…


How to Build a Scalable Data Science Strategy

data science strategy: person touching a computer screen showing interconnected lines

It’s been several years since the term “big data” crossed over into the mainstream business world—and executives realized they could make smarter decisions by harnessing the reams of information generated across the enterprise. Early efforts at data analysis have borne fruit, yet the prospect of…


Winning in New Markets [eBook]

market adjacency strategy: hiker with backpack at top of mountain looking out over water and landscape

Opportunities for growth are everywhere, but few are more tempting than moving to nearby markets: pursuing new customers, entering new geographies, or developing new products or channels. And with good reason—many companies have created a market adjacency strategy or strategies to deliver sustained growth. Of…


An Epic Adventure: Market Landscapes

market landscapes: dark sky, stars and cosmos

This week, the first Star Wars standalone film “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” premiers. As fans across the country get ready for an epic adventure that explores new corners of the galaxy – we get ready for a related adventure that happens in a…


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