How To Drive Change at Big Companies: A Q&A With John Proietti

how to drive change in an organization - john proietti headshot

John Proietti is an independent consultant and project manager with experience in digital product development, program management, and operational integrations. He’s been a consultant at Bain & Company, held project management roles at Uber and Expedia, and served as the COO for BlueSleep, a digital…


What is InsurTech? Six Technologies Disrupting Insurance

what is insurtech - cracked touch screen

The insurance industry has been plagued by slow growth for years—particularly in mature markets like the US and Europe—and has lagged behind the overall economy for a decade. Fortunately, advances in technology are creating plenty of opportunities for growth. Can established insurance companies catch up?…


Line it Up: Why You Need to Align Culture and Strategy

culture and strategy - lining up blocks

Not long ago, the EVP of a multinational client called us in to say that his company had recently been through an expensive strategic planning exercise with a major consulting firm. The firm left them with a detailed implementation roadmap. And though the company had…


Re-Imagining Healthcare: A Q&A With Sundeep Karnik

healthcare transformation - Sundeep Karnik headshot

Independent consultant Sundeep Karnik is a medical doctor who built his career delivering results in the business of healthcare. In our latest expert Q&A, he talks about the trends that are shaking the health and life science industries—and what companies can do to thrive in…


How to Accelerate Your Next Digital Transformation: A Q&A With Saad Ayub

saad ayub digital transformations

Saad Ayub is a senior information technology strategist who has helped Business Talent Group clients develop new IT operating models and assess technology-enabled change programs. Here, he talks about how companies can align IT and business needs, think holistically about emerging technologies, and accelerate digital…


Preparing for a Successful Business Transformation

successful business transformation

These days—thanks to the pace of technological and market-driven disruptions—transformation has become the norm, not the exception. Disruptions create stress on an organization’s capacity to adapt and thrive. They also leave it susceptible to competitors for whom agility is a core competency. If you are…


What Makes The 3C’s of Change Management So Important?

3c's of change management: conductor conducting an orchestra

There are no shortcuts for driving sustained, meaningful change across an enterprise. There are, however, plenty of frameworks. As change management has matured as a discipline, a number of methodologies have arisen to help executives transform processes and achieve business objectives. Kenichi Ohmae’s 3C’s  of…


Behind the Buzzword: Transformation

what is business transformation - butterfly

In an era rife with disruption, the definition of transformation is, well, changing. Not sure your company can keep up? Read the latest piece in our Behind the Buzzword series to learn more about what’s in store for the future of change. What is business…


Change Essentials: 10 Myths About Change Management

change management: pug

Change is hard. Especially when that change is in your workplace – or even more challenging, you’re the one tasked with leading such a change. Change management guides how business leaders prepare, equip and support people to successfully adopt the change(s) and drive the company…


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