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Business Talent Group is a global consulting marketplace that lets firms quickly harness exceptional independent talent to get critical work done. Our mission is to bring together the world's top companies and independent professionals to enhance business performance and improve people's lives. Since 2007 we've provided leading companies, private equity firms and major non-profits with project-based solutions that are more effective and less expensive than traditional consulting. It's a new way to work, and BTG is leading the charge. Learn About the Future of Work

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Our Capabilities

We do strategy. We do implementation. And we do everything in between. We bring industry knowledge and expertise and address organizations' most consequential opportunities and challenges.

Our Industries

We work with leading global companies, private equity firms, mid-cap and major nonprofits.

Our Method

Traditional consulting firms bring big teams, big overhead, and a focus on selling future engagements. BTG is different. We’ve honed an on-demand talent model to help organizations get better results at lower cost. We bring unparalleled knowledge of the independent talent market and unique skill in structuring and overseeing projects. We deploy consultants, project managers and executives in whatever combination the situation requires. And we do it fast. Our method is based on experience with 1000s of projects.


We help clients translate their needs into achievable, “projectizable” objectives.


We design the project scope, deliverables, roles and talent profiles required for success.


We recommend the best people for the specific assignment through 
a proprietary algorithm and deep knowledge of our talent pool. 
We propose the options, you choose the Talent.


We negotiate the pricing and terms and handle all contracting and payment.


We ensure the project stays on track and provide additional resources and support as needed.

Our Talent

We identify and select the world’s best independent consultants and executives. They have a practical mix of training from top tier consulting firms often combined with experience from major companies. They bring a strategic and operational perspective with a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude. As one private equity leader told Business Week “I was blown away by the caliber of the people.” Curious How BTG Ensures Talent Quality?

Steve Wunker2 copy

Steve Wunker

- Innovation
- Emerging Market Strategy
- Product Development

Rina Patel

- Consumer Pckg Goods
- Brand & Marketing Strategy
- Growth Strategy
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