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"BTG provided a consultant that instantly grasped the scope of a very complicated problem."
— Matt Gustke, Ex-CFO, StubHub (an Ebay company)

Our Talent are independent consultants and executives who are experts in their fields. They have grown multinational businesses, launched software platforms and worked on ending global hunger. They have trained at consulting firms like McKinsey, Bain, and Deloitte, worked for companies like Google, Pepsi and Wal-Mart and attended top business schools like Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB and Wharton.

Business Talent Group

David Bernal

- Kellogg MBA
- Booz Consultant
- Partner, Growth Decisions
Business Consulting Services

Rosemary Coates

- Univ of San Diego, MBA
- KPMG Sr Manager
- SAP, Principal
Business Consulting Services

Rick Condon

- Univ of Chicago, MBA; Univ of Minnesota, BA
- McKinsey, Engagement Mgr
- Reuters, VP Global Strategy
Business Talent Group

Dana Green

- Seattle Pacific Univ, BA
- Deloitte, Sr Manager
- Microsoft, Director
Business Talent Group

Julie Gupta

- MIT, BS/MS; Harvard MBA
- Bain Consultant
- Sun Microsystems, Manager
Business Consulting Services

Kathy Kane

- Stanford, BA; Wharton, MBA
- BabyCenter; VP Marketing
- Talking On Air; VP Mktg
Business Talent Group

Alex Pashkowsky

- NYU, MBA; George Washington Univ, BA
- Deloitte, Sr. Manager
- IBM, Sr Consultant
CPG Business Consulting Services

Rina Patel

- McKinsey, Associate Partner
- L'Oreal, Marketing Assoc.
- Harvard MBA
Healthcare Consulting Services

Todd Sazenski

- MBA, William E. Simon Graduate School of Bus.
- Deloitte, Sr Manager
- Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield, Operations Analyst
Business Consulting Services

Larry Shubert

- Stanford, BS
- IDEO, Principal
- f'REAL Foods, VP Product Devm't
Business Talent Group

Dave Summa

- MIT, BS and MS
- McKinsey Partner
- Monsanto, Director
Emerging Market Consulting Services

Steve Wunker

- Bain Consultant
- Innosight, Sr. Partner
- Princeton BA, Columbia MPA
Business Talent Group

Karen Zwiebel

- Julliard BFA; Wharton, MBA
- McKinsey Project Leader
- Barclay's, Merger Integration Manager
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