Celine Teoh

Versatile strategy consultant specializing in intersection of consumer, brand & analytics

Headshot of Celine Teoh Consumer, Brand & Analytics Strategist

Celine Teoh

Consumer, Brand & Analytics Strategist


Celine Teoh is a marketing and strategy consultant with a passion for data-driven impact. A former McKinsey consultant, she has served a wide range of Fortune 500 clients in the retail, technology and education space, including major apparel and footwear brands, revolutionary technology firms, and renowned educational institutions


  • Data-driven marketing strategy and execution
  • Business plan development
  • Strategic planning


  • Independent digital marketing and strategy consulting
  • Senior Manager, Strategy and Merchandising – Gap, Inc.
  • Senior Associate – McKinsey


  • MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • BSc (Economics), London School of Economics