B2B Services

Case Study: Business Unit Creation and Strategy

A consultant with executive experience at UBS serving a B2B services company, led the creation of a new corporate marketing function. The consultant worked with management to design, size and establish governance for the group. She then assumed a formal interim CMO role with the company.

Case Study: PMI Communication Strategy

A former Booz consultant and former VP of Corporate Communications at Toys “R” Us assisted the Program Management Office at a $5Bn B2B company to coordinate internal and external communications during the integration of a major acquisition.

Case Study: B2B Services Growth Strategy

The product team at a multi-billion dollar financial services company was too busy managing near-term growth to craft a long-term strategy for maintaining the success of a newly acquired business. Looking for a more efficient and economical solution than a traditional consulting firm could provide, the group’s president turned to Business Talent Group.

BTG put together a small but highly experienced three-person team. A former McKinsey principal led the project, while two additional ex-McKinsey and Deloitte consultants spearheaded analysis and conducted fast, insightful market landscapes. In just eight weeks, they identified and prioritized four major avenues of growth; the result was a sizable expansion of the company’s technology platform and its ability to serve a new channel.

Case Study: Brand Strategy

A marketing executive with experience at McKinsey, Bank of America, and GE provided hands-on support to a client’s internal marketing team. With the assistance of the consultant, the team launched a new brand strategy.

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