Case Study: Non Profit IT Implementation

A former PwC partner with more than 20 years of experience served as an advisor, project leader, and hands-on implementer to a non-profit organization. His role bridged the gap between client leadership and resources to complete a large-scale ERP implementation.

Case Study: Non Profit Skill Gap Support

Over several years and with multiple consultants, BTG supported the transformation of a major global foundation after change in leadership. Following sudden growth, the foundation needed to build more robust business skills and augment personnel in finance and operations. One of the interim executives BTG provided was a Wharton MBA with 10 years of direct operations management experience in both private equity and in the foundation world.

Case Study: Donor Management Strategy

BTG deployed a former Bain consultant and sustainability specialist to help a major global intergovernmental organization secure commitments from global corporations for its sustainable energy initiative. Over the course of a year, the consultant managed the process and helped the corporations design and communicate their commitments.

Case Study: R&D Lifecycle Strategy

A former McKinsey consultant with 30 years experience in tech and pharma helped a global foundation accelerate the technology transfer of a major new infection-control drug from the R&D phase into the testing/implementation phase, across several high incidence countries.

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