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Unlock the full potential of your integration projects with access to a comprehensive range of business integration expertise. Tap in-demand talent with a wealth of “been there, done that” experience and skills, essential for achieving your desired results.

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Interim Leadership

Seasoned executives to fill temporary gaps and open roles before long-term hiring needs are made clear

Functional Specialists

Experienced integration leaders for projects such as creating and running an integration management office (IMO), leading an HR integration, or optimizing operations and supply chains

Execution Support

Hands-on change management professionals, project managers, consultants, and experts to drive results

On-demand talent: A stand-out solution for business integrations

In today’s fast-paced business environment, streamlined integration is key to strategic enterprise growth. Successfully merging systems, processes, and cultures into a cohesive force can drive the freshly integrated company to new heights. To achieve a seamless integration, organizations face the crucial task of marrying ongoing business demands with the complex architecture of integration solutions. This challenge often places leaders at a pivotal juncture: fully owning the integration internally or engaging an external consulting firm for reinforcement.


Each route presents its unique set of challenges—from potential internal resource strain and burnout to dependency on consulting services that may not fully prepare internal teams to take over new processes and workstreams when the firm’s support concludes. Thankfully business leaders have a new integration solution to complement either path. On-demand talent can be layered on top of or adjacent to either option, offering a customizable mix of agility, deep-domain expertise, and comprehensive execution capabilities for your integration strategy.

Integration Talent Roster

Access to a Versatile Roster of Interim Leaders, Functional Specialists, and Expert Support

Our curated and vetted network of highly skilled on-demand talent spans accomplished executives, integration specialists, and proactive hands-on professionals who are primed to advance your integration goals.

From bridging leadership vacancies and establishing an effective and well-supported integration management office to spearheading effective change management, our experts stand ready to be your strategic allies through the complex terrain of business integration.

Integration Execute Workstreams

Precise and Tailored Resourcing to Seamlessly Execute Critical Workstreams

Navigating the complexities of integration demands a tactical balance between risk mitigation and detailed execution.

Integration solutions utilizing on-demand talent provide a strategic edge, supplementing your internal efforts or external consultancy collaboration, equipped with scalable resources that deftly adapt to your evolving needs and ensure every facet of the integration is managed with meticulous insight.

Integration Team Consulting Extension

A Synergistic Extension to In-House Teams and Traditional Consulting Frameworks

Enrich your existing integration approach with our dynamic integration solutions, designed to align with and magnify the strengths of both your in-house team and external advisors.

Accelerate the transition towards internal management and expertise to ensure a smooth, successful integration process characterized by consistency, efficiency, and unmatched achievement.

Get the business integration support you need.

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Business Integration FAQs

What is a business integration?

Business integration is a strategic initiative focusing on the combination of processes, systems, and technologies between merged or acquired companies. It aims to help the newly integrated business work efficiently as a cohesive unit, enhancing operational efficiency, improving information flow, and driving growth. Ensuring seamless alignment and function across all parts of the newly formed business, it often involves integrating software, applications, and business cultures to achieve synergy and operational excellence.

What is the Integration Management Office?

The Integration Management Office (IMO) is a centralized team tasked with overseeing and facilitating the entire process of business integration, particularly during mergers and acquisitions. Its primary responsibility is to ensure that the integration of systems, processes, and cultures between merging entities is executed smoothly and efficiently. This includes planning, execution, and monitoring of integration activities, aligning strategic objectives, and managing risks to achieve the desired business outcomes. The IMO plays a critical role in driving the success of the integration, acting as a bridge between the leadership of the merging companies and the operational teams to ensure seamless functionality and realization of synergies post-merger.

What does an integration team do?

An integration team is crucial for blending processes, systems, cultures, and technologies during mergers, acquisitions, or restructuring. They carry the significant task of ensuring a smooth transition of various elements, working tirelessly to reduce risks, manage stakeholder expectations, and ensure operational continuity. Positioned at the crossroads of strategy and execution, they possess a thorough understanding of both business goals and technical needs. Their main aim is to create a unified and efficient entity, enabling the organization to thrive in its new form.

Business Integration Resources

Get the latest insights from independent integration leaders and experts, plus integration trends, in-depth guides, and more in BTG’s Business Integration Resource Center.

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