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Engage an experienced interim CEO to ensure stability and make the most of a transition.

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An interim CEO can provide a steady hand and vital leadership to prepare for future success.

Whether you need to bridge a temporary leadership gap, right the ship, or undergo a transformation, get a seasoned interim CEO to enable flexibility, unlock new insights, and access critical outside expertise. Safely implement a talent solution suited to the immediate situation, while enabling your organization to gain clarity about filling a long-term role later.


Experience, Oversight, and Alignment

Engage a collaborative and trusted leader who can articulate your vision and values.

Expertise to Supplement Your Team

Add leadership and skills whenever you need to ensure business continuity.

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From Insight to Action

Ready to get to work within days, experienced interim leaders provide just-in-time and right-sized resourcing when and where you need it.


Proven & Hands-On


have both consulting and operational experience

Top Executives


have held executive roles at major corporations

Global Experience


have worked globally

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Interim CEO FAQs

What is an interim CEO?

An interim CEO or interim chief executive officer is an experienced executive appointed to temporarily assume the CEO role of an organization. These leaders possess the critical skills, expertise, and industry knowledge to provide immediate impact and guidance, address critical challenges, drive strategic initiatives, and maintain stability during times of transition, change, or disruption.

How long do interim CEO roles last?

Interim CEO roles vary in duration, generally lasting from a few months up to a year or two, depending on the specific needs and goals of the company. This period allows organizations the necessary time to undergo strategic transitions, implement new processes, or find a permanent CEO candidate without disrupting the operational continuity of the company.

What’s the difference between an acting CEO and an interim CEO?

An acting CEO is typically a senior internal employee who temporarily assumes the role of the CEO in addition to their primary duties, e.g. a CFO serving as both CFO and acting CEO simultaneously. On the other hand, an interim CEO is typically an external resource who is brought in to offer deep operating experience and dedicated attention to the chief executive role during times of transition, crisis, or opportunity.

Interim CEO Resources

Get the latest insights about filling gaps with effective interim executives, plus interim executive trends, in-depth guides, and more in BTG’s Interim Executive Resource Center.

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