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Engage an experienced interim CFO or other finance leaders to bridge gaps and meet evolving business needs.

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An interim CFO can deliver hard-to-find skills and help you plan for ongoing success

The demand for niche financial skills is growing, while the supply of qualified talent continues to shrink. With a carefully selected interim CFO, however, you can weather a C-suite shake-up and come out stronger. How? By focusing on your company’s current business moment and tackling the most critical near-term priorities—while taking time to reassess long-term goals and make the best permanent hire.

4 Pathways to Success with Interim Finance Leadership

Traditional Interim CFO

Covering a temporary leave or gap in the org chart

Backfill for Internal Talent Acting as CFO

For roles such as interim treasurer or VP of FP&A

Support or “Scaffolding” for Acting Finance Leaders

Experienced CFOs to consult, guide, and back-stop acting CFOs

Projectizing Critical Near-Term Components of the CFO Role

By carving out certain workstreams and objectives, the interim role is hyper-focused on a special project


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Next-Gen Finance Expertise

Engage thought leaders with the skills that will keep your company at the cutting edge, from analytics to disruptive technology.


Add leadership and skills whenever you need to ensure business continuity.

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Ready to get to work within days, experienced interim leaders provide just-in-time and right-sized resourcing when and where you need it.


Proven & Hands-On


have both consulting and operational experience

Top Executives


have held executive roles at major corporations

Global Experience


have worked globally


Interim CFO FAQs

What is an interim CFO?

An interim CFO or interim chief financial officer is an experienced professional who assumes a temporary leadership role over the finance function within an organization. These leaders are brought in to bridge a critical leadership gap, address specific challenges, and provide strategic guidance to the board and C-suite during the search for a permanent CFO.

What does an interim CFO do?

An interim CFO plays a crucial role during periods of transition by maintaining continuity, providing guidance, and offering specialized expertise. They focus on the company’s near-term priorities in alignment with long-term goals to ensure stability and facilitate strategic decision-making. Interim CFOs bridge gaps in financial leadership, support innovation, and backstop internal teams, ultimately steering the organization towards strength and resilience. This role can be pivotal in navigating C-suite changes and preparing for the best permanent hire.

How long do interim CFO roles last?

The duration of an interim CFO’s role can vary significantly based on the unique needs and objectives of the organization. These temporary assignments could span a few brief months to an extended period of a year or even two, hinging on factors such as the complexity of financial issues being addressed, the pace of the search for a permanent CFO, and the timing of specific projects. This flexibility allows companies to tailor the tenure of an interim CFO to their specific requirements, ensuring that critical financial leadership and expertise are available exactly when and for as long as needed.


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