Marketing & Sales

Case Study: Business Development Strategy

A former McKinsey consultant helped the digital group at a major pharmacy company build their e-commerce business.

Case Study: Social Media Marketing and Promotion Exploration

A former Bain consultant and marketing leader at Intel explored the potential for a F100 retailer to tap into online communities and social media networks.

Case Study: Digital Marketing for New Business

A former Bain consultant with a strong Internet background created the digital strategy for a new Direct-to-Consumer business at a leading finance company. The result was a highly profitable new business.

Case Study: Brand Strategy

A marketing executive with experience at McKinsey, Bank of America, and GE provided hands-on support to a client’s internal marketing team. With the assistance of the consultant, the team launched a new brand strategy.

Case Study: Marketing Spend Optimization

A two-person team – an experienced marketing executive formerly at Sony and a former McKinsey consultant – helped a major broadcaster quickly refocus marketing spend to serve a new viewer demographic.

Case Study: Customer Loyalty Development and Strategy

A senior marketing executive, who had also built one of the most successful frequent flier programs for Southwest Airlines, helped a consumer media company develop its first loyalty program to stem customer loss to due to a rise in online competitors.

Case Study: Marketing Vendor Strategy

A former J&J VP-level marketing executive worked with a major gaming company, ultimately helping them streamline agency relationships.

Case Study: Digital Marketing Organization Redesign

A senior executive with 20+ years of creative experience at companies like ROLL Corporation and E! worked with a leading entertainment company to redesign their digital marketing organization, including initiating new ways to more directly communicate with the end user.

Case Study: Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management Strategy

A former Booz and Accenture consultant and life-cycle management expert, with operating experience at Bristol-Myers Squibb and Becton Dickinson, helped a global pharma giant’s research team analyze patient trends and market demand to identify new bio markers for a mature drug.

Case Study: Retail Pricing Pilot

The VP of Omnichannel Operations at a F500 clothing retailer was updating pricing models to incorporate consumer behavior across channels.

BTG’s pricing specialist built and implemented an analytical dashboard that covered 3 product categories and incorporated price drivers including demand, competitive positioning, margins, market dynamics, and, of course, channel mix. After a successful 2-month pilot, the team added other product categories and implemented the dashboard across its stores.

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