Industrial/Diversified Manufacturing

Case Study: Global Supply Chain Optimization

A multi-billion-dollar housing materials business had expanded its global distribution centers to accommodate its growing customer base. But executives were struggling to optimize the new operations.

BTG’s supply chain expert helped them revamp the global supply chain—including warehouse locations—finding improvement opportunities in China, Brazil, and N. America and incorporating SAP technology to drive down costs. This powerful single-source solution made a complicated project more efficient, smooth, and successful.

Case Study: Carve-Out Acquisition Advisory

A C-level executive, with deep acquisition experience from Bain, advised the EVP of a global materials company during its first carve-out acquisition from its competitor.

Case Study: Strategic Due Diligence

Two professionals – a bioprocessing executive and a former Bain and L.E.K life sciences consultant – helped a $10Bn manufacturer conduct strategic due diligence for an acquisition in a new industry.

Case Study: Operations Process Optimization

A former Booz consultant and leading pricing and supply chain optimization expert worked with a small team in a diversified manufacturing company to improve efficiencies related to planning and production in a complex manufacturing segment.

Case Study: Competitive Landscape and Growth Strategy

A former McKinsey consultant worked with an industrial manufacturer to develop a competitive analysis, customer-needs assessment, and growth strategy for improving the company’s position in the rapidly growing bioprocessing market.

Case Study: China Market Entry Strategy

A two-person team, one a former BCG consultant and the other a former McKinsey consultant, helped a F500 manufacturing company enter China. The consultants assessed entry strategies and explored practical franchise opportunities.

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