Case Study: International Retail Strategy

A former retail executive helped a specialty retailer launch its first international outlet in the UK. Drawing from deep on-the-ground experience, he oversaw all aspects of business and operational planning from site selection to store layout.

Case Study: Managing Multiple Transformations

A Fortune 1000 retailer had taken on a number of global transformation initiatives—including ERP, inventory and procurement, and merchandising and sourcing projects—with multiple consulting firms. The situation was becoming productively complicated, and the executive team needed help keeping it organized.

The CEO asked Business Talent Group for a skilled, objective consultant who could gracefully impose order. He needed someone with the talent to quickly coordinate multiple vendors and complex workstreams, and who could ensure the smooth completion of the entire set of transformations.

BTG engaged a former Partner at Accenture who had served as the global lead for the firm’s Organizational Change Practice. His decades-long career gave him deep insight into the issues that the client faced—and the experience to navigate them.

Over the course of the engagement, the consultant supported the client’s executive team on the coordination of each transformation initiative. He interacted regularly with external vendors to harmonize their workflows and ensure timely completion of deliverables. As the project unfolded, it became clear that ongoing change management capabilities were needed to build on his success. The consultant thus stayed on to help establish a permanent Project Management Office.

Case Study: Social Media Marketing and Promotion Exploration

A former Bain consultant and marketing leader at Intel explored the potential for a F100 retailer to tap into online communities and social media networks.

Case Study: Retail Pricing Pilot

The VP of Omnichannel Operations at a F500 clothing retailer was updating pricing models to incorporate consumer behavior across channels.

BTG’s pricing specialist built and implemented an analytical dashboard that covered 3 product categories and incorporated price drivers including demand, competitive positioning, margins, market dynamics, and, of course, channel mix. After a successful 2-month pilot, the team added other product categories and implemented the dashboard across its stores.

Case Study: Branding and Promotional Strategy

A former BCG consultant and marketing executive, with an extensive branding background from Pepsi, led a global footwear retailer through the creation of a cohesive brand identity for their leading brand, setting the product up for greater consumer awareness and sales, in an increasingly fickle and competitive market.

Case Study: Korea Partnership Strategy

A C-suite retail executive with pan-Asian operating experience and Bain/A.T. Kearney alum helped a home goods retailer pursue distribution partnerships in Korea. He crafted the comprehensive strategy, researched partners, and negotiated the deals.

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