Case Study: International Retail Strategy

A former retail executive helped a specialty retailer launch its first international outlet in the UK. Drawing from deep on-the-ground experience, he oversaw all aspects of business and operational planning from site selection to store layout.

Case Study: Global Change Management Senior Support

A former Accenture Partner who ran their Organizational Change practice provided a major clothing retailer with hands-on support to coordinate a global transformation. The consultant managed vendors and all aspects of the workflow.

Case Study: Social Media Marketing and Promotion Exploration

A former Bain consultant and marketing leader at Intel explored the potential for a F100 retailer to tap into online communities and social media networks.

Case Study: Retail Pricing Pilot

The VP of Omnichannel Operations at a F500 clothing retailer was updating pricing models to incorporate consumer behavior across channels.

BTG’s pricing specialist built and implemented an analytical dashboard that covered 3 product categories and incorporated price drivers including demand, competitive positioning, margins, market dynamics, and, of course, channel mix. After a successful 2-month pilot, the team added other product categories and implemented the dashboard across its stores.

Case Study: Branding and Promotional Strategy

A former BCG consultant and marketing executive, with an extensive branding background from Pepsi, led a global footwear retailer through the creation of a cohesive brand identity for their leading brand, setting the product up for greater consumer awareness and sales, in an increasingly fickle and competitive market.

Case Study: Korea Partnership Strategy

A C-suite retail executive with pan-Asian operating experience and Bain/A.T. Kearney alum helped a home goods retailer pursue distribution partnerships in Korea. He crafted the comprehensive strategy, researched partners, and negotiated the deals.

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