Case Study: Interim SVP of Content

A seasoned digital media executive and live action producer with extensive Hollywood and entrepreneurial gaming experience, stepped in as interim SVP of Content for a major media company. In this role, he created and executed a successful digital content strategy for mobile platforms for the client.

Case Study: Interim Education Management

BTG deployed an accomplished interim leader, and McKinsey and client alumni, to help an Ivy League professional school “save” an academic year when its head of admissions unexpectedly departed. The results for the school: the highest acceptance yield on record and a fresh approach to admissions.

Case Study: Digital Product Support

When most companies hire interim executives, they look for someone who has the same skills as the departing exec. But when the marketing team at a global financial services company turned to BTG for support during a key leader’s maternity leave, we recommended a different approach.

The company had just developed a new tax-reporting application, and the team was struggling to keep up with all the work that attended its launch. So BTG worked with executives to craft a 3-month project that would focus exclusively on ensuring the new product’s success. We delivered an experienced product development expert who had worked at American Express and NBCUniversal, and who spearheaded efforts to define the new product’s target audience, develop its positioning, and create a content strategy. By the time the internal executive returned, BTG’s consultant handed off a comprehensive communications strategy and numerous supporting pieces of content.

Case Study: Manufacturing Operations Improvement

A former Deloitte consultant with expertise in manufacturing operations took on a role at a $15B food and beverage company as a senior project manager to help the company close a major manufacturing site and consolidate production in a lower cost facility.

Case Study: Business Unit Creation and Strategy

A consultant with executive experience at UBS serving a B2B services company, led the creation of a new corporate marketing function. The consultant worked with management to design, size and establish governance for the group. She then assumed a formal interim CMO role with the company.

Case Study: Interim Ecommerce CMO

A former McKinsey consultant/Google executive was engaged by a leading eCommerce company to serve as temporary CMO. Among her achievements, she coordinated and advised on psychographic segmentation and channel strategy.

Case Study: Post-Merger Integration HR Strategy

An acquisition swelled this F500 consumer giant’s headcount by 50%. The organization was committed to its unique culture, but its HR team was struggling to efficiently integrate the new employees.

Business Talent Group’s HR growth specialist led the team’s integration group, incorporating new employees while helping to preserve the company’s corporate culture. She also helped transform the HR organization to match this shift, including the development of a new talent acquisition and search process. The client received a total organizational redesign that merged two different cultures without impacting morale or productivity.

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