Project Execution

Case Study: Strategic Initiative Implementation and Execution

BTG placed a 2-person team, a former McKinsey Engagement Manager and a former Deloitte Consultant with deep analytical skill, to work with a PE-backed media firm to implement the recommendations developed by a traditional consulting firm. The consultants worked for the Head of Sales & Operations and Head of Strategy to put into place a new framework for customer accounts.

Case Study: Non Profit IT Implementation

A former PwC partner with more than 20 years of experience served as an advisor, project leader, and hands-on implementer to a non-profit organization. His role bridged the gap between client leadership and resources to complete a large-scale ERP implementation.

Case Study: Sales Tool Process Optimization

A former KPMG Consultant and Weight Watchers strategist helped a global hotel chain deploy a new tool for booking conference and meeting rooms across all locations, improving revenue and customer experience.

Case Study: Digital Product Support

When most companies hire interim executives, they look for someone who has the same skills as the departing exec. But when the marketing team at a global financial services company turned to BTG for support during a key leader’s maternity leave, we recommended a different approach.

The company had just developed a new tax-reporting application, and the team was struggling to keep up with all the work that attended its launch. So BTG worked with executives to craft a 3-month project that would focus exclusively on ensuring the new product’s success. We delivered an experienced product development expert who had worked at American Express and NBCUniversal, and who spearheaded efforts to define the new product’s target audience, develop its positioning, and create a content strategy. By the time the internal executive returned, BTG’s consultant handed off a comprehensive communications strategy and numerous supporting pieces of content.

Case Study: PMI Communication Strategy

A former Booz consultant and former VP of Corporate Communications at Toys “R” Us assisted the Program Management Office at a $5Bn B2B company to coordinate internal and external communications during the integration of a major acquisition.

Case Study: B2B Services Growth Strategy

The product team at a multi-billion dollar financial services company was too busy managing near-term growth to craft a long-term strategy for maintaining the success of a newly acquired business. Looking for a more efficient and economical solution than a traditional consulting firm could provide, the group’s president turned to Business Talent Group.

BTG put together a small but highly experienced three-person team. A former McKinsey principal led the project, while two additional ex-McKinsey and Deloitte consultants spearheaded analysis and conducted fast, insightful market landscapes. In just eight weeks, they identified and prioritized four major avenues of growth; the result was a sizable expansion of the company’s technology platform and its ability to serve a new channel.

Case Study: International Retail Strategy

A former retail executive helped a specialty retailer launch its first international outlet in the UK. Drawing from deep on-the-ground experience, he oversaw all aspects of business and operational planning from site selection to store layout.

Case Study: Life Science Project Management

A former McKinsey project manager with specific experience at tech/innovation firms led an internal innovation project team at a life sciences company, coordinating outside vendors and turning around the previously behind-schedule project.

Case Study: Vendor Selection Process Diagnostic and Redesign

A change-management specialist led an internal work stream at a F200 pharma company to assess its creative service providers and streamline the vendor selection process.

Case Study: Global Supply Chain Optimization

A multi-billion-dollar housing materials business had expanded its global distribution centers to accommodate its growing customer base. But executives were struggling to optimize the new operations.

BTG’s supply chain expert helped them revamp the global supply chain—including warehouse locations—finding improvement opportunities in China, Brazil, and N. America and incorporating SAP technology to drive down costs. This powerful single-source solution made a complicated project more efficient, smooth, and successful.

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