Scale smarter.

Growth is good. Fast growth is even better.

But the best growth of all is sustainable.

The pace at a high-growth company is exhilarating. We know—we’re living it, too. But you don’t need to be old enough to remember to realize it might not last forever…

Scale smartly. Stay nimble. And stop slowing yourself down.

Business Talent Group can help your company sustain its growth without making costly hiring mistakes or getting bogged down in big-firm bureaucracy. How? Through a lean, global consulting marketplace that lets firms harness exceptional independent talent to tackle your most pressing challenges… while preserving the culture that sets you apart.

  • It’s time to formalize your strategic planning process to ensure long-term success
  • You’ve reframed your target market and need to capture new segments without losing current clients
  • You’re establishing a new functional team and you need the leadership to get it off the ground

Here’s how it works:

star street sign arrows
Trust the talent Set the terms Grow with confidence
Access a hand-picked selection
of consultants and execs
Control the project’s size,
scope, and dynamics
Rely on our support to
ensure project success

BTG’s consultant instantly grasped the scope of a very complicated problem.

–Matt Gustke, Former CFO, StubHub

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