Forbes Profile: Rami Reyes

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Forbes Profile: Rami Reyes

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October 16th, 2017 by Ashley Bauer
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Our board observer, Rami Reyes, has a remarkable history in both his professional and personal domains. Reyes is a co-founder of NextEquity Partners—a California based venture capital firm that led Business Talent Group’s Series B Funding in 2016—and turned 29 this year.

Forbes sat down with him in October 2017 to learn more about how he got here for a #Under30 profile. In the feature, his success is noted as coming from three main areas: pluck, luck, and nurture. He was raised by a single mother who instilled the value of hard work and education in him. He then hustled to outperform peers during his education and early career days. Finally, capitalizing on lucky opportunities catapulted him forward at his first VC in Silicon Valley.

Learn more about Rami Reyes in the full piece on Forbes.

Ashley Bauer

Ashley is a skilled marketing professional who has the ability to be digitally focused and creative but also has a keen eye for analytics and data-driven reporting. She has experience across many marketing channels, with a core passion for demand generation.

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